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Games and Puzzles - Inspired by Celtic Art

Knotiverse is the brainchild of designer, craftsman and inventor Murray Heasman; a place that is inspired by the beauty and intrigue of Celtic art in all its forms. For over 30 years he has studied and created works of art in many mediums (leather, wood, rope, resin and plastic) based around the Celtic knot and the triskele.

The triskele or ‘triple spiral’ is one of the most iconic Celtic symbols known to us. It dates back to the Neolithic era, and can be seen carved in stone at the entrance of Newgrange, one of the three great megalithic cairns in Ireland’s sacred valley, dating back about 5,500 years. It is referred to as the Brú, or spirit house, of the sun god Aengus, or Oenghus Óg.
Like the ancient Trinity knot, the Celts revered the number 3 and its special symbolism. There are many diverse meanings of the triskele. It can be thought to represent motion as the arms all spiral outwards, but then the never ending path returns back, thus signifying cycles of: life - death - rebirth, mind - body - spirit and past - present - future.